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    WORK TIME: 09:00 - 21:00
    FIND US: Reem Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    CONTACT: +971 52 634 3842

    Welcome to Dominant Academy!

    Hey dominant footballers and parents! Have you ever wondered just how much you or if you are parent your kid could perform better on the football field? Are you asking yourself how come even after a year or two playing in the current academy your skills haven’t improve or why my speed, strength and endurance are still lacking? Are you the one that skips the challenges or always passes the ball where instead should take the shot or dominate in the 1v1s? Do you feel unsatisfied after the match or training, just knowing that you can do better but again noting changes, still your creativity and magic are not there yet!

    Our Services

    Dominant Juniors (3-6 years of age)
    Dominant Academy Squads (3-18 years of age)
    Dominant PPT, Pro Performance Training (Individual and Small Groups)
    Dominant Elite Squad
    Scolarship & Professional Opportunities - Worldwide

    Become a part of our team and be like your favorite football stars.

    Founder and Head Coach

    Vuk Krkeljic

    ‘’Before I came to UAE I had only goal and it was to make footballers strongest, fastest, fittest and the most skilful possible. There is nothing that can beat hard work, patience and belief!``



    To develop players at the highest possible level through our professional programs that include team and individual training and opportunities outside UAE.


    Spreading the Dominant Academy passion and philosophy to as many kids, footballers, football enthusiasts and football coaches.


    Amin Younes is a German professional footballer who plays as a winger for Saudi Arabian club Al-Ettifaq and the Germany National Team. This is what he said about Dominant Academy.

    The Most Important thing is to keep yourself motivated, stay fit and pursue your dreams. I really enjoyed working with Dominant Academy Coaches. Listen to them guys,. Itwas a true pleasure!

    Amin Younes
    German National Team Player
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