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    WORK TIME: 09:00 - 21:00
    FIND US: Reem Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    CONTACT: +971 52 634 3842

    My Coaching Skills

    Founder and Head Coach of Dominant Academy Vuk Krkeljic moved to Abu Dhabi – UAE in August 2015 to join Police Academy as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. Just Before that he was still actively playing football, starting from Red Star Youth team trough USA Bowling Green State
    University as sponsored student-athlete and after in several Football Clubs from Serbian First League.

    Since I arrived in Abu Dhabi, I only have one goal – to make fotballers strongest, fastest, fittest and the most skillful possible!

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    Why Dominant Academy?

    Dominant Academy is a performance academy where with our program you will become faster and stronger in the challenges.  Your skills and technical abilities will improve so as your touches and ball control. You will become able to shoot with your weak foot and dribble in all directions.  We at Dominant Academy use different patterns that utilize all parts of your body, different movement that relate the playing field and, of course, using both feet moving in all directions! Your foot speed quickness, coordination, stamina and endurance will advance and yes you will at the end become confidant and true dominant footballer.


    Strength and Conditioning Specialist

    • Improving your performance
    • Making you faster
    • Teaching you lifelong fitness
    • Making you stronger
    • Teaching you balance

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