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    WORK TIME: 09:00 - 21:00
    FIND US: Reem Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE
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    Our Team


    Dominant Football Academy Team

    Dominant Academy Coaches are a mix of ex-professional and semi-professional footballers, and strength and conditioning enthusiasts that have to strengthen their passion by getting UEFA licenses, Certificates in teaching and developing young footballers and their skills, as well as bachelor and masters degrees in Physical Education.

    Having a passion for football, strength and conditioning, and sports in general they adjusted perfectly to our unique philosophy and training principles.

    They now share the same mission of Dominant Academy which is “making players better athletes and more dominant footballers”.

    Our coaches are multi-national they come from all around the world, only thing that is required is to love the game of football, and to put a heart on the field for every kid that joins Dominant Academy.

    Our Team

    Dusan Magic

    Dusan Magic, Serbian 32 years old (born on 29 August 1989) earned his Masters degree in Physical Education and Kinesio-therapy at the Faculty of Sport and Physical education. He is certified as well in Sport Training for Youth and Adolescents.</p> <p>Even as a boy he showed that football is his passion and he started playing with U8 football team at his home town. As a footballer in his 18-years career, he played on a professional and semi-professional level. His coaching career started by working with children and teenagers on Strength and Conditioning in sports such are football, handball, basketball and gymnastics, as well as involvement in Sports and Recreation for people with Special Needs (inclusion in sports - Certified). He moved to the UAE in 2018 to work as a Police College Fitness trainer and now as a football coach of Dominant Academy. His philosophy is ``If you can dream it, you can do it``.

    Zein Sultan

    Zein Sultan, Syrian was born on 1995 in Lattakia, Syria, He earned his Bachelor's degree ( Faculty of Physical Education and Sport ), also he got Coerver Coaching certificate ( Youth Diploma )</p> <p>He was a footballer at Tishreen club and competed with the best clubs in Syria, in 2016 he started his coaching career at the same club by taking U10 team, then he advanced as a assistant coach for U16 squad.<br /> From 2019 to 2021 he was working also in Al Sham Oisis private School with boys and girls 13-18 yrs, where he was in charge of fitness classes. Besides that he was teaching students football and basics of swimming and participated in local school tournaments.<br /> As part of his work he trained individually, professional athletes to improve their physical and technical abilities.<br /> His philosophy is `` Talent without hard work will never do enough for you``

    Bryan T. Garciano

    Bryan T. Garciano was born in Philippines on August 6, 1991. Started playing football since 8 years of age and never stopped having the same amount of love towards the game. His football talent enabled him to gain scholarship both in high school and college. After that he become professional footballer playing for Pasargad FC, as well got a chance to represent his country and play for the National Football Team of Philippines. In the meantime he got Bachelors in Physical Education Sports And Wellness Management, and after unfortunate injury completely focused to share his experience, love and passion as a football coach. With more then 10 years in the field he is now one of Domimant Coaches helping our young football squads develop at the highest possible level. He is saying - Determination and commitment will always lead you to success.

    Ashukem Nelson Agbor

    Coach Ashukem Nelson Agbor is Cameroonian born 1991. Since the youngest age was very athletic and loved sports, after he started playing football with MANYU FC where he reached semi finals in the National Top Cup. He continue his career at Bachuo Ntai FC and became champion of the Regional Second Davison. With the Bsc. degree in Business Administration and Management, football coaching Diploma - FECAFOOT (Cameroon Football Association), he started his coaching career at Enochong Memorial College as Physical Education Instructor. Now as a Dominant Academy Coach he is very versatile, being able to work both, individually and with the groups. Sharing his experience and passion on daily basis. His philosophy is - ``Believe in your Dreams and work for it, in one way or the other, they will come true some day.``

    Srdjan Ostojic

    Srdjan Ostojic, Serbian was born on 1994 in Kraljevo, Serbia. He earned his Bachelor’s degree (Faculty of sport and physical education) and Master’s degree (Physical Education, Physical Activity and Health Kinesiotherapy). He started training athletics at very young age. Later on he started playing Futsal and compete with the best teams in Serbia while playing for his University, whistle competing on amateur level in Mix Martial Arts. From 2013 to 2018 he was working in the several nurseries and schools where he worked with boys and girls 6 - 13yrs. He specialized on motor function in children, coordination, gymnastics, and corrective exercises. As a Strength and Conditioning Coach he joined Several Clubs in Serbia as well worked individually with professional athletes to improve their abilities (football, tennis, basketball and handball). His philosophy is “In order to see results and progress we need to constantly move from the comfort zone”

    André Figueiredo

    André Figueiredo, born in Portugal in 1989. Ex football player, aged between 5 and 25, at one of the most prestigious clubs in Portugal, Portimonense Sporting Clube.</p> <p>He earned Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Sports and also have the UEFA C level football license. His coaching career started by working with children, adolescents and young people in the field of sports. His football passion continues as being a football coach where he enjoys working on training organization, strategy, analysis, small sided games and set pieces. His main goal is that players have fun and enjoy trainings, beside transmitting the experience he has to the players and making them evolve as much as possible.